LinkDump 01.23.10

Another interesting week in the world of technology is coming to a close. And while in my opinion, nothing truly groundbreaking has transpired. There have been quite a few things that have peaked my interest. Check out my weekly LinkDump below.

A-Team 2010

  • A-Team Trailer Doesn’t Impress 
    The new trailer for the reboot of the 1980’s beloved A-Team has been release. Not sure if I’ll be seeing this one in theaters. Trailer is impressive until the last 15 seconds. Can anyone say A-Joe, ugh.
  • Apple Event Announced, Now What
    The much awaited Apple Event has been set in stone and rumors continue to run ramped about an apple tablet. Not sure if that’s what we are going to get, but seems this will be one to remember.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man Movie Confirmed
    Didn’t want to originally believe it, but Sam Rami is out, Marc Web is in. Spider-Man 4 is no more, but the Spider-Man reboot is a go.
  • Ultimate Sega Genesis Collection To iPhone
    Another platform to consume Genesis greatness, not much else to say.

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