Zune Update Fail, Thank You Zune Team

First off, let’s be clear, I love the Zune Desktop Software. So you could imagine how happy I was to notice that a recent Zune Software update was available. Well, that’s where my joy ended.

The download started normally and the software proceeded to install. After a few seconds I was presented with an error message.


“System Updates Required | Zune software installation can’t continue until you’ve installed one or more required updates.”

Then I was presented with a link. Suffice it say, the link provided little to no information other than, your version of windows is not up-to-date, please run windows update.

After several vain attempts to make sure my installation of Windows 7 was up-to-date, I STILL couldn’t install the updated Zune Software. Finally after much research I found out the reason I couldn’t update was due to the fact that I was running a release candidate of Windows 7.

Okay, I realize that I am not running a full retail version of windows here, but really? Microsoft clearly stated that release candidates of Windows 7 should work until June 2010. Well, maybe WORK doesn’t mean supported. Anyway, it seems that they may have went out of their way to break this one.

So I guess I’ll be doing the full install of my retail version of Windows 7 that I have had sitting around for the past few months. What a headache. My advice, upgrade now before other things begin to fall apart.

-Displeased Zune Customer