LinkDump 02.15.10

Here are a few tech stories that peeked my interest this week. Enjoy!

  • Penguin United Crossfire V2 Dissected, It’s a Go!
    Fellow editor at Techpedition has received a review unit of the second version of Penguin United’s Wii Crossfire and has given it rave reviews. Apparently the massive issues that the first version faced has been fix and is now the pistol peripheral of choice on the Wii.
  • Google Buzz
    Google has released their own social networking platform, which has caused a bit of an uproar over privacy concerns. My main problem with this is that it’s yet another social network to learn. That being said, it has a distinct advantage being integrated with Google. We’ll see where this one goes.
  • Microsoft Disables XBOX Originals Support On XBOX Live
    Microsoft finally kills support for all XBOX original games on XBOX Live. Supposedly this move should allow Microsoft to add new features and extend the system. Let’s hope for awesome updates in the future.

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