LinkDump 05.23.10

A few stories that are off the beaten path, and of course the big news from Google. Check out the LinkDump below!

  • Hyperkin Makes a Yoshi Box… Sorta
    If any of you were fans of ‘The Screen Savers’ back in the day, then certainly you remember the system mod known as the Yoshi Box. Yep, the Yoshi Box was an all encompassing system that contained a PC, XBOX, PS2, and GameCube. And while the reality of such a system was more than a stretch, it’s good to see the spirit of such is still alive in the form of the Hyperkin Retron 3. The HyperKin Retron 3 is a single system that contains an NES, SNES, and a Sega Genesis. Yep, that’s right. And as you would have guessed, there is a cartridge port for all three systems. But it doesn’t just stop there, the system also comes with two wireless controllers. But not only that, it also has two controller ports for each of the system types. Yep, you can plugin your classic controllers and get the full retro feel! Awesome.
  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Gets a Face-lift, Will Trick the Ignorant
    Once again Sergio (techpedition) delivers on finding what looks to be another case of the big corporations looking to fool the consumer. Apparently, in a bid to make the older Prince of Persia: Sands of Time tie in with the movie release, it has been given the same exact cover as the newer “Forgotten Sands”, and has become a PS2 greatest hits title. Now I’m all for the repackaging and release of the former title, but at least make if feel like you put on ounce of work into it.
  • WebM Project / VP8
    Google makes another jump in the move to HTML5 with VP8. Google’s new codec is the latest attempt to find a standardized open source video codec to be used in the HTML5. What this means for the end user? A fully open source video codec that plays natively in the browser with no other downloads needed. H.264 is also a prominent contender in this regard, but licensing issues has but a damper on what many consider the standard for video on the web. Thus far, Mozilla as jumped on the bandwagon along with many hardware manufactures. Also Microsoft has said it will support the codec if it is installed on the local machine. It will be interesting to see how Apple plays a role in this, seeing as of late the have the one of the major voices for HTML5.

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