LinkDump 11.03.10

  • ‘The Walking Dead’ Debuts on AMC
    Although I’m not a huge zombie fan (I hate L4D), I absolutely love this series. ‘The Walking Dead’ premiered on AMC this past weekend and was absolutely awesome. If you’ve ever seen ‘I am Legend’ or ‘Zombieland’, then your more than familiar with the trials and tribulations that the main protagonist, Rick Grimes (who is played by Andrew Lincoln) will have to face. A must see.
  • Childhood Cartoon Classics Reborn
    Wow, Fredrik Larsson easily made my week on the internets with ‘The Cartoon Medley’. Bringing back all the cartoon classics in the form of acoustic medley that instantly takes on back to your childhood days. Awesomely-arranged, well-produced, and performed to perfection. A must see/hear. Also check out ‘TV Theme Song Medley’.

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