2011 New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, another year! I felt it necessary to post my own thoughts on things I’d like to get accomplished this year.

  • Contribute to a Charity
    This is an obvious one. Some would consider church a charitable organization (as least as far as taxes are concerned), but I’m going to make an effort to extend the bounds of giving. Haven’t really picked an organization yet, but I’m on the lookout. Any suggestions?
  • Participate in Volunteer Work
    This is something I really want to get involved in. Even if I don’t have a significant amount of money to contribute in the item above, time is something that we all can give. Would love to volunteer for habitat for humanity or maybe coach/referee in some kids basketball league.
  • Give Blood… Again
    Already did this a few days back for the first time. At 31, I can’t believe I haven’t done it before. Just a little effort here can really help a lot of people.
  • Redesign Website
    I’m not a designer (as you probably can tell from this current design). Be that as it may, I really want to give my little space on the internet a major facelift. Long overdue.
  • Blog More
    I’ve definitely been lacking in this department. I’m going to make the effort to post more programmer centric things, as well as life lessons from everyday living.
  • Get Out of Debt
    Not much to say here. Aren’t we all trying to do this? Darn you student loans.
  • Get Back into Music
    I love music, but have little natural talent for it. But like anything, given enough effort, one can become okay at it. As a teenager, I played bass for my dad’s church, but since have had very little motivation or time to get back into it. While the latter is still lacking, I still want make an effort to get better in this craft.
  • Publish my Windows Phone 7 Application
    I’ve been sitting on a Windows Phone 7 application since the launch of the phone. While the developer tools are free, there are a few barriers to cross before actually getting your application published. Besides the obvious ‘getting the application approved’, one needs to become a member of the Microsoft ‘App Hub’. Which I’ve yet to be able to commit the $99 dollars to become a member. Also there is the issue of actually getting a WP7 device to test my application on an actual piece of hardware. I have another six months before I’m eligible to upgrade my AT&T contract, and I’m definitely not able to shell out the hundreds of dollars to get an unsubsidized phone, which leaves me at a bit of an impasse. I’ll work something out.
  • Develop an Android Application
    I have downloaded the tools and have fooled around with them a bit. I’m not particularly a Java guy (only limited experience), but really don’t have any problems picking up new languages. We’ll see how this goes. I think my first project will be to port my WP7 app over.

A year from now, I’ll take a look back to review my achievements and shortcomings. Wish me luck!