Around The Net – August 13, 2011

What’s going on around the net that may have flown under your radar? This Week: Bungie gets older, Gamefly to go onDemand, and Google+ Launches Games!

Bungie Turns Twenty

Our beloved makers of the Halo franchise have turned twenty, and have release a video documenting their journey to greatness. A great watch for any Halo fan, or any fan of the industry for that matter. Here’s to another twenty Bungie!

To cap off Bungie’s 20th Anniversary festivities, the team has assembled a near hour long documentary covering the studio’s past, present, and future. Featuring insight from the team — including their ever illusive Creative Director, Jason Jones — and interviews from key industry veterans and luminaries, “O Brave New World” is both a celebration of Bungie’s legacy and a love letter to the community of gamers who have embraced Bungie’s games for two incredible decades.

Source: AllThingsD

The Netflixification of Gamefly

Yep, you knew this would be coming sooner or later. Looks like Gamefly plans to introduce an all you can eat array of titles that could make it the Netflix of the gaming industry. These guys have been doing the disk-to-mail thing for a while, and this seems to be a natural transition. But wait, anybody remember GameTap? Didn’t it do the same thing? While GameTap was a little ahead of its time, and focused mostly on retro titles, hopefully this new service from GameFly will have more modern, up-to-date titles that people will actually feel comfortable shelling out a monthly fee to play. Yes, it all comes down to the library. This is my biggest problem with onLive . Build a good library, and we will come.

Source: Joystiq

Google+ Launches Games!

Facebook beware, there is another flourishing social network platform with games now! Google+ is slowly rolling out their gaming platform to the masses of “beta” users with titles you would expect *cough, angry birds*. Games are presented as an additional section within the Google+ interface, which makes things clean and concise. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but seems like I would be more inclined to partake in the Google+ gaming platform verses Facebook. I’ll keep you posted.

Source: PC Magazine