Teknmotion Yapster Blaster Review

There are definitely times when using a headset is the optimal solution for an enjoyable gaming experience. That being said, stereo gaming headsets are not affordable. Prices can range anywhere from forty to a hundred and fifty dollars. The options out there for the budget console gamer are lack-luster at best. Thankfully, Yapster Blaster by TekNmotion is here to fill that void. But can an affordable price also deliver on quality?


The Yapster Blaster universal headset features a full dynamic range driver, a nicely padded headband and over-the-ear cups, a detachable high-gain amplifier powered by XJacKer technology, an ultra high-sensitivity microphone with a flexible boom, in-line controls, standard 3.5mm audio jacks, and multiple adapters for various platforms. It supports stereo sound and chat compatibility on the PC as well as the XBOX 360, while only providing stereo sound on the PS3 and Wii.

The Good

Sound testing on this device rendered great results. On the 360, we tested Assassin’s Creed II, as well as Halo Reach –and was more than impressed. Basses were deep and highs were clear. As someone who does not have a sophisticated surround sound setup,  you can easily forget about the amount of hard work game developers put into audio design. The Yapster Blaster brings that hard work to light in brilliant form. If you don’t have the means for a surround sound setup, this is the next best thing.

Highs, mids, and lows were all distinct, and even the most nuance of sounds came to life. This in part due to the XJacker technology that is used to amplify sound coming into the headset. The USB powered XJacker amplifier boasts a frequency response of 20 Hz to 50,000 Hz, and a total harmonic distortion of 0.2%, and while these numbers won’t mean much to the laymen, the end result is a very rich sound. Don’t get me wrong, this ain’t no BOISE, but for the every day Joe, these results are more than enough.

On the PC I actually used the Yapster Blaster for a podcast recording via Skype. The microphone performed exceptionally well, in addition to delivering the audio output you would expect. Setup was as easy as plugging into the headphone and microphone ports –breakout amplifier not needed. And while setting the device on the PC was pretty much standard fair, I have to say getting things running on the XBOX 360 felt like a pain. Let me explain.

The Bad

The XJacker amplifier plugs into your consoles’ USB port, you in turn plug your headphones into the amplifier. Now the tricky part. The diagram that comes with the device shows them hooking up your amplifier adapter to the audio out of the XBOX 360. Well, since I was using HDMI (which I’m sure is the case for most people these days) I had to find a way to get audio out of my TV. This resulted in me digging up a component audio cable to get things going. Also with this setup, you have to dig through your TV setting to disable your TV speakers while keeping the outputs channels active. Not a deal-breaker, but a pain.

Also, the resulting mass of cables and the confinements of their length, just felt weird. We’ve become spoiled by the cable-less lifestyle in gaming today, so being restricted in where I could sit to play just felt outdated. And the resulting wad of cables were an eye-soar. Still, not a deal-breaker, but things definitely need to be streamlined.

Let me iterate that this may be standard fair with headsets on consoles, but having never used a console stereo headset before, it just seems like a problem.

In Conclusion

Despite my few misgivings, I have to say I would definitely recommend this product. For the late night gamer with a wife and kids or the college student who doesn’t want to disturb his roommate, the quality of the audio of the Yapster Blaster, along with its price-point, solidify’s its value for the budget gamer. All the features are definitely here, which makes this device more than worth it’s value in suggested retail price –$29.99.

Via TekNmotion, Amazon