Around the Net – May 03, 2012

Another edition of Around the Net is here! This weeks edition includes: dirt-cheap XBOX bundles, HULU sucking more, Drawing Something less, weird Steve Jobs video, and the Black Ops reveal trailer!


  • Microsoft readies $99 Xbox 360 Kinect bundle, with two-year subscription
    Looks like owning a console is starting to look a lot like owning a cellphone, with a $99 buy-in and and a $15 monthly fee. Although I consider $15 a month a lot of money, the gaming community has been paying this for years on the massively multi-player online game front. This is great for those wanting to game on a budget, I would love to see Apple do this with the iPad though.
  • Rumor Mill: Hulu will soon require you to have a cable subscription
    Pressed by content partners, Hulu may soon start requiring cable subscriber authentication for content. If it hasn’t already been said, Hulu is dead.
  • Draw Something daily users rapidly declining
    Just a month ago, this game was all the craze, getting scooped up by Zynga for a reported 200 million dollars. Well, turns out the buyout was the best move the up and coming development studio Omgpop could have made, as daily usage is on a steady decline. Honestly, just the other day I heard my wife say, “Nobody’s playing anymore.” I guess the drawing is on the wall for the highly popular app.
  • Steve Jobs as… Franklin D. Roosevelt?
    Oh how those internal videos can come back to haunt yuo. This is just weird, but definitely worth checking out for the Apple fan boys.
  • PlayStation Smash All-Stars: Battle Royale Revealed
    Simply put, this looks like a rip-off of Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers, at least at a glance. I’ve heard from other pundits who have had “hands-on” that there are subtle differences about this title that sets it apart.
  • Black Ops II Trailer
    So there was a Call of Duty: Black Ops II Trailer. Check it out!

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