I Listen To Way Too Many Podcasts


I’m a podcast addict. Since my first Apple iPhone back in the day, I have found myself listening to a wide-array of these online radio shows. While finding the time to indulge in the plethora of content out there may be harder from some than others, there is certainly something out there for everyone.

Enter my personal podcast playlist. This list changes from time to time, but the core shows tend to remain the same, containing the necessary listening for the gaming and technology focused podcast-listening geek. Hopefully this humble-bundle will put you well on the path to addition.




  • DLC, Jeff Cannata’s weekly show that covers video and table-top gaming.
  • Garnett on Games, Garnet Lee’s weekly show about the gaming industry.
  • Giant Bombcast, the GiantBomb crew talks about the happening in gaming.
  • Reality Breached, an in-depth look at the Video Game industry and its business practices.
  • Techpedition, technology ramblings and entertainment from the Techpedition pundits.
  • Xbox Live’s Major Nelson Radio, Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson’s weekly podcast.