Verse Of The Day is Free! — For A Limited-Time


For users on the Windows Phone 8 platform, Study The Word’s in-app purchase, Verse of the Day, is free for a limited-time! Get your copy now as the offer will only be available until June 1, 2014.

All we ask is for you to get the word out about our application. Spread the word by posting to Twitter, posting to Facebook, emailing a friend, or whatever social networks you frequent. Thanks for being a user and enjoy.

The name says it all. The new Verse of the Day feature provides the user with an inspirational verse each and every day they open the application. Verses have been carefully curated from many sources, to provide rich and uplifting verses that will spur the user in their daily pursuit to become closer to God.

Additionally, verses can be shared by holding the verse, which will reveal a number of sharing options, including SMS, Share To Email, Share To Social Networks, Share Screenshot, and Send To Clipboard. These sharing options makes it simple to pass the inspiration on to others in your circle.

Verse of the Day, along with Hear The Word, adds additional useful functionality to your favorite free Bible application on Windows Phone.