Study The Word 1.6 Now Available!


We are excited to announce that an update is available for Study The Word for users on Windows Phone 8 and above devices. This update provides features such as: improved live-tile support, added transparent live-tile support, re-designed landing page, improved book-page navigation, added settings page, many user interface tweaks, and bug fixes / code optimization. Download now from the Windows Phone Store.

Improved Live-Tile Update Support

Live-tile now works with a background agent to provide timely updates for those utilizing verse of the day functionality.

Transparent Live-Tile Support

Live-tile is now updated with transparent background for using utilizing the background wallpaper feature on Windows Phone 8.1 and above.

Re-designed Landing Page / Hub

Initial start-up page now features a hub-style interface, showing recent verse, verse of the day, search, and icons for other useful functionality.

Added Settings Page

Added support to fully reset all or parts of the applications, including clearing recent history, bookmarks, or downloaded translations.