So I Created A New App For Windows Phone, TWiTNOW

The first question you may be asking is, “What the heck is TWiT?” TWiT, or is an internet podcast network focused on technology. In fact, TWiT in an acronym for the networks first show This Week in Tech.

TWiTNOW is an application for Windows Phone focused on viewing and listening to the TWiT.TV live streams on Windows Phone. The app features a simple interface for consuming TWiT.TV live video and audio streams. Choose from the four available HTTP live streams, or listen to the TWiT audio stream.

The reasoning for building this application is simple. Windows Phone doesn’t natively support Apple HTTP Live Streaming, or HLS, nor does it support Adobe’s Flash, leaving you dead in the water for viewing TWiT streams live. There are other apps in the Windows Phone Store that replicate this fuctionality, but our aim was to make it as simple as possible.

Official Product Page
Windows Phone Store

Special thanks to TWiT, the Microsoft Media Platform Player Framework, and the Windows Phone Streaming Media project. TWiT® and the TWiT Logo are registered trademarks of TWiT LLC. These netcasts are released under a Creative Commons License.