The Best Xbox One Hack You’re Probably Not Doing


First off, calling this a hack may be a bit of an over statement. But there is a **ahem** trick that will allow you to share your digital library with one other friend. This functionality is really meant to allow an Xbox Live user to share his games and ability to play online with other family members in the household, even when said person is not logged in the console. This is accomplished by making a particular Xbox One your “Home Console”.

As mentioned before, making a particular console your “Home Console” will allow any other user on that console to play your full digital library. The great part about this is, that by signing into an additional console, you are also allowed to access your full digital library. You probably can see where I’m going here.

To perform this “hack”, simply sign into a trusted friends Xbox One console and make it your home console in the settings. Also, have said friend sign into your console and make it their home console. That’s pretty much it. You will now have access to all your friends digital library, as well as your own. And visa-versa.

I don’t know how long Microsoft will allow this to go on, but there stands a chance they will eliminate this functionality at some point. Although I don’t really see how they could because of the way the functionality is designed at its core.

One huge caveat, you are only allowed to make a console your home console three times in a calendar year. So you better be sure when your doing this, because you won’t get that many tries. One more good reason to own an Xbox One?