Repost (2012) — Halo Wars, A True Story


Original: Techpedition Podcast Supplemental – Halo Wars, A True Story

Join me as an anonymous listener and I take a deep dive into a story of fanboys gone wrong. Can a person’s love of a game or console go too far? I think it can.

According to Wikipedia, a fanboy is a person considered to belong to one or more fandoms to a point of obsession. Fanboys are everywhere, and these subcultures have formed around almost anything you can imagine.

The level of ambiguity on the internet has allowed sometimes reckless opposition to anyone who may give a different opinion, but with little consequence.

But what if that same level of disdain was carried over to real life. What type of results would emerge from such reckless opposition? Would the person delivering the opposing viewpoint know or even care? I guess the real question is, what really happens when reckless social behavior from the internet is carried over to real life.