Great Big Catch-up Post: Part 1 — Discussing Who

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It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated this here blog, but I won’t chalk it up to complete and utter incompetence, or even laziness. I’ve been quite busy over the last several months, including Doctor Who Series 10 coverage on the Discussing Who podcast, several conventions–WHOlanta, Southern Geek Fest, and Mississippi Comic Con, new episodes and website re-launch of Techpedition, and even starting a new YouTube series called Discussing Comics on the Discussing Who YouTube channel.

First up, let’s talk Doctor Who series 10.

This season of Doctor Who has been fantastic. With a new companion in Pearl Mackie, and the news of the upcomging departure of Capaldi and Moffet, this season of Doctor Who received even more hype than a normal season would–if you could believe that. And believe me, it did not disappoint. To get the full lot of Discussing Who coverage, see our comprehensive eposide list below. We cover everything from pre-season speculation to the post-season announcement of the new female Doctor in Jodie Whitiker.

Doctor Who Season 10 Coverage

In addition to our Doctor Who Series 10 coverage, we also had quite a few other awesome episodes that you should also check out.

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