Great Big Catch-up Post: Part 2 — WHOlanta, Southern Geek Fest, Mississippi Comic Con

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It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated this here blog, but I won’t chalk it up to complete and utter incompetence, or even laziness. I’ve been quite busy over the last several months, including Doctor Who Series 10 coverage on the Discussing Who podcast, several conventions–Wholanta, Southern Geek Fest, and Mississippi Comic Con, new episodes and website re-launch of Techpedition, and even starting a new YouTube series called Discussing Comics on the Discussing Who YouTube channel.

Let’s talk conventions!

This year marked not only my first convention ever, but my first panel ever! First up, Kyle Jones and I traveled to meet up with our co-host Lee Shackleford for the Wholanta convention in Atlanta. It was great fun and we got to see how this things works. Having fellowship among-st Whovians and attending panels fueled us to want to do one of our own someday. But the true highlight of the weekend was having all-three of the Discussing Who crew in one room! Meeting Lee and Karen was great fun and definitely something I will always remember–until we do it again next year! Oh, and being in the same room with Colin Baker, Camille Coduri, and Nicola Bryant was a treat unto itself.

Then there was the Southern Geek Fest. It was great to be back in Hattiesburg–my former stomping grounds. The Southern Geek Fest got off the ground not long after I left Hattiesburg for the state capitol. In it’s second year, I can say I was truly surprised by the amount of fandom that is in the region. Not only that, there were some pretty good guests for such a young convention. This event also marked the first time the forces of the GRITS–Geeks recording in the South–crew banded together for group coverage, which made the event extra-special.

Finally, we attended the Mississippi Comic Con in Jackson, MS. It was fun having this convention on our home turf, which made it much less stressful, but it also was another chance for the collective minds of the GRITS crew to work together. Kyle and I got plenty of awesome coverage, and we also did our first panel ever! It was a great first experience, with hopefully many more to come.

Check out our coverage below.

Mississippi Comic Con Panel

Mississippi Comic Con Stand-Up with Reality Breached

Convention Podcast Coverage

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