Talking Thrones, Orphan Black, and San Diego Comic-Con

What was I up to last week? Well, last week Techpedition had its first foray into reviewing episodes of Game of Thrones, Discussing Who talked all about the series Orphan Black, and Discussing Comics talked everything San Diego Comic-Con! So, not much.

Techpedition Podcast: Talking Thrones

Last week the Techpedition Podcast had its first foray into reviewing episodes of the highly popular series, The Game of Thrones! While my brother Kary Brown continues to be the smug book reader–he swears he isn’t, I give the point-of-view from the show-only viewer. We had a load of fun talking about the good, bad, and ugly–let’s be honest, it is mostly ugly–of Westeros. Catch up on our latest episode below, it’s a lot of fun!

Techpedition Podcast S02E21 – Maester College and Soulless Pop Songs

Discussing Who: Talking Orphan Black

The time for Orphan Black and the outstanding work of Tatiana Maslany in her many roles is coming to a close. While I have always loved her work–and the original premise of the show, it has not always been the greatest. As with most shows, it has had its ups and downs. Kyle Jones and I talk about said ups and downs and highs and lows of the series, along with the things we all love most about the show, the clones. While we stay away from the current season to avoid spoilers, this is still a really fun listen!

Discussing Who 064: Orphan Black, The Story So Far

Discussing Comics: Talking San-Diego Comic-Con Trailers

The 2017 San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, but we have still been unpacking the trailers! Join Kyle and I as we give our thoughts on various trailers and predictions for upcoming movies!

Discussing Comics YouTube Playlist

BONUS: The Relativity Podcast

Guys, if you haven’t been listening to the Relativity Podcast, then you are really missing a treat. Discussing Who co-host and friend, Lee Shackleford, teams up with Alana Jordan for a space epic filled with trials, tribulations, and an underlying mystery that has been unfolding for over fourteen episodes. If you love podcasts and science-fiction, then you have meet all prerequisites to enjoy this space-epic! You might even hear a certain blogger in an episode or two! Check the latest episode below, or hit the entire playlist!

Relativity Podcast YouTube Playlist